Country roadhouses are located all over Australia, they provide people travelling with a quick stop to refuel their cars, get something to eat or drink and some even provide rooms which people may stay overnight.


 Roadhouses are situated on most major roads throughout Western Australia and can be in isolated locations, they may be the only stop between two towns which may be hundreds of kilometres apart. Others are located close to bigger towns so if you get days off you can go to the bigger towns to do shopping, or just to see people again!  The remote roadhouses are an excellent way to save money for your next adventure as there is very little to spend your money on.


If you are interested in a roadhouse job then some of the things you may be doing are; short order cooking- this is mainly just cooking the meals such as burgers, fish and chips etc when they have been ordered. You may also need to serve people when they come in, some roadhouses even offer to fill the car up for the traveller. If rooms are provided at the roadhouse cleaning will be needed and general up keeping of the rooms may also be necessary. You may also being doing some waitressing and bar work, as some roadhouses have cafes and bar attached.

Roadhouses can be very fun places to work as you will come across a huge variety of people as they are passing through and who knows you may even make new friends as well as save your money.